common cannabis compliance violations

Cannabis Compliance Violations

Cannabis Compliance Violations

Next year, when cannabis ends up noticeably lawful throughout Canada, supply and demand from the mass population of Canadian citizens will be an issue for up and coming businesses who cultivate cannabis. But as supply grows so will the cannabis economy resulting in an increase of cannabis compliance violations.

Cultivation Operations

Because of trends in businesses currently operating in Canada as well as what has been going on in Denver Colorado the most constant regulatory infractions are evaluated by physical examination from Health Canada. They delegate compliance officers to do a thorough check the inner workings of the organizations premises, this includes storage, transportation, packaging and labeling, unsatisfactory records and the greatest issue being a failure to instal adequate security devices and installing security cameras with a limited range of view leaving areas unmonitored at at risk for both internal and external theft.

Internal robbery is predominant in many ventures yet more of a concern for cannabis organizations, who regularly manage a lot of cash and cannabis products. Putting resources into your business by introducing electronic access entryways, movement indicator alerts, biometric locks, cutting-edge software for following money exchanges, and a constant point by point tracking system. Although an expensive investment at first, it will pay for its self-many times over and save countless headaches.

With that being said it is good practice to have each representative and each contractual worker that comes into your place of business to be cleared through a complete background check, done by the police ( not online ). It’s a small price to pay for a piece of mind.

Medicinal Dispensaries

As compliance is a considering factor for operators it’s just part of doing business within the cannabis industry, you ought to be able to provide on-request, reports that add up precisely in conjunction with your stock inventory for Health Canada.

Stock administrators who manage the inventory will play a tremendous part of cannabis retail business owners when they are called upon to do present their records making sure not to receive any cannabis compliance violations. Another region where dispensaries regularly slip is keeping up appropriate day to day operations. Hiring a talented secretary or working with a legal advisor will enable you to record details so you are ready to report them to your compliance officer.


Legitimate business record keeping gives the business a genuine favorable position over rivalry in various ways and lessers the chance of a cannabis compliance violation in many ways:

It encourages you to deal with your records, interests, expenses and working expenses adequately.

Go about as asset for new techniques.

Tells about the accomplishment of your past business strategies.

Aides in discovering answers for business issues.

Tells about the client administration and representative effectiveness.

How your business performs against your rivals.

Tells about covered up and sudden expenses.


There are a lot of ways that cannabis organizations can maintain a strategic distance from cannabis compliance violations. One of the best courses is to have the correct software for database administration and recording keeping arrangements making the process as painless as possible. These frameworks help in digitalizing the entire businesses information and organizes it.

If you are concerned that your business may not be in compliance with Health Canada we highly recommend you register for a Cannabis Compliance workshop with Cannabis Career Training if you haven’t done so already.

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