Why Hire Temporary Staff

Why Hire Temporary Staff

Why Hire Temporary Staff

Regardless of if your business is large or small and requires general workers or expert professionals, many business owners have found out that they don’t have to settle for a subpar skill level or imperfect matches. Regarding temporary help, most companies prescreen and more than often train their employees before starting at a placement.

This benefits businesses in more ways than one. For instance, they help keep your overhead cost low. They save you large amounts of time and money on your internal recruiting efforts. You don’t have to find, interview or relocate workers.

If your a business owner operating within the cannabis industry why use a staffing agency and hire temporary workers? and how this can be a huge benefit. But at what point though would it be advisable for you to consider this.

Temporary staff has been utilized within various industry throughout the years. Originally, for the most part, it was to bring down the overhead cost for full-time employees but now has been recognized as a common practice to acquire skilled workers on short notice.

The advantages of enlisting temporary workers:


Adaptability is a noteworthy addition when you consider why to hire temporary staff, particularly if your business is in its startup phase. Utilizing an outside agency empowers you to contract individuals when you require them most, at the point when you need to do cutbacks the weight isn’t on you.

New Aptitudes

Temporary staff can convey new abilities and viewpoints to common processes that can very well enhance productivity or streamline practices. A temp can give a unique point of view to keep things moving smoothly.

Saving Money

If you hire temporary staff  it is regularly less expensive than the cost of hiring a full-time employee. The agency bears the cost of hiring, firing, screening, testing, and interviewing.

You’ll need to pay for vacation days, sick days and get-aways. You’ll additionally need to pay your offer of work charges, Employment Insurance, and Canada Pension Plan commitments. At that point, there’s the expenses of organization—the finance preparing and printed material, and so on.

With hiring specialists, you don’t need to pay for employment insurance, Canada Pension Plans, sick days, extended leave of absence, and vacation time. You pay a straight wage and the office’s charge, and that is it. This can be fundamentally more practical than enlisting more perpetual representatives.


There are so many reasons to answer the question; why hire temporary staff? and how it can lessen your costs, keeping up workforce adaptability, trying out laborers previously procuring them on for all time, and keeping up efficiency are just three of the motivations to enlist impermanent staff. Whenever you have discharge positions, consider filling them with temps.

What better way to understand the impact of utilizing temporary cannabis professionals than to chat with an expert from our recruitment team.