Why high cannabis humidity could be hurting your crop

How Humidity Can Harm Your Cannabis Crop

What is Humidity

Cannabis humidity can be described as the amount of water vapor in an around a given environment. Humidity plays a vital part in affecting just how well your plant grows. Your plant will take in more nourishment and stay hydrated when humidity is low. On the chance that for any reason the strain is in excessive humidity, the maryjane plant will protect herself.

This can run you through a wide range of different issues. Transpiration will cause your plants to take in less water. Which will significantly influence your yields?

Each strain is extraordinary and will respond distinctively to high or low moisture. Some outside strains flourish in 32* warmth with high mugginess, different strains cant handle it.

The Effects

High cannabis humidity during the growth stage will likely stunt the plant’s development. As a feature of the plant’s metabolic procedure, it will go into defense mode.

Second, high cannabis humidity increases the risk of contaminating the plants, particularly amid the later phases of growth. Stressing the plant will cause bacteria and insects to infest developing bud.

Dampness in a blooming room ought to be kept underneath 55%.

Measure before its past the point of no return

Hygrometers are utilized to quantify humidity levels. They are really easy to use and can simply be installed over the plant canopy. A simple hygrometer is a low-cost expense and can be purchased on Amazon for around $15. The higher valued hygrometers are as a rule of better quality.

These gadgets have a foolproof way that tracks and enables you to decide how well you remained inside the favored range.

The Solution

There are a few answers to the issue. Ventilation may be the appropriate response. In the event that the outside air is drier than the grow room’s, you may discover some approach to trade it.

Dehumidifiers are very effective at drawing water from the air. They do utilize a touch of current and add warmth to the air. On the off chance that warmth is an issue, you may attempt a window or versatile ventilation system. Ventilation systems draw water from the air as they cool it.