Seed-To-Sale Software for Your Cannabis Business

As Cannabis becomes more accepted and the industry moves from an underground market to a legitimate industry producing billions of dollars in income while employees thousands of people. All types of tech organizations like Microsoft are even jumping in on the niche market to offer assistance. In June 2016 Microsoft joined forces with KIND, to build up its own committed cannabis seed-to-sale software.

In the midst of this commotion between legitimate and underground businesses, seed-to-sale software guarantees to make a life for retailers somewhat less demanding and help dispensary proprietors and employees to sort out their operations in a more straightforward and efficient way.

What is Seed-to-Sale Software?

Essentially, seed-to-sale software ensures that not a single item derived from cannabis leaves your shop or grow op untraced and recorded. Obviously, there are numerous advantages of utilizing particular programming for your business and we’ll investigate them one by one.

Plant Management

With a seed-to-sale software, you can deal with every one of your plants as per their requirements via automating the procedure.Generally speaking, seed-to-sale software allocates a unique standardized tag to every single one of your plants so you can follow back to it whenever. Some of the features include:

Assignment Notifications

Day to day business operations require a huge amount of task management and often process can be difficult to remember. With seed-to-sale software, you can automate notifications for particular undertakings.

Chain of Custody Tracking

By chance that your organization has numerous representatives, you can track who did what on which plant at any given time during its lifecycle.

Clone Tracking

In the event that you are developing clones, you can utilize seed for sale to track a plant back to its sister plant.

Electrical Consumption Tracking

Commercial cultivation implies that grow lights and HVAC are running basically always. Utilizing seed-to-sale software tracks precisely the amount you spend on power bills.

Environmental Monitoring

Temperature, humidity, CO2 levels and so on, are critical variables for your cannabis plants. Seed-to-sale software can track every single vital metric.

Plant Organization

Check the status of all plants that meet certain criteria.

QR Codes

Tag plants with QR codes. Employees can use any device that reads QR codes to quickly view plant-specific information.

RFID Tracking

Assign RFID tags to plants or products, and easily track them throughout the seed-to-sale process.

Seed Tracking

All the plants you are growing can now be traced back to your business, safeguarding the reputation and credibility of your business.

Strain Info

Recieve all of the necessary information of a particular strain

Yield Tracking

Yields fluctuate according to genetics and the environment. Keep track of the precise amount each plant produced.

QA Testing

Keep all your test data stored and print them on product labels automatically to ensure complete transparency.

Seed-to-Sale for Cannabis Retail

The stock administration is an urgent part of any fruitful retailer and this is all the more essential with regards to cannabis dispensaries. Honesty and consistency with nearby laws are key to your business. Your stock must be traceable and sseed-to-sale software can enable you to automate a generally repetitive process. This includes:

Transportation Reports

This feature allows you to produce suitable documentation for each vehicle that comes or leaves your business.

Change over Inventory and Grading

In the event that you claim a business that offers concentrates or edibles, you can figure and change over the correct measure of crude material utilized for the making of the finished result.

Make a Virtual Seed-to-Sale Paper Trail

Seed-to-sale software can give a point by point history of each bit of item that leaves your store.

Oversee Wholesale Orders

Regardless of whether you run a discount or a retail business, it is vital to monitor inbound and outbound discount exchanges.


An automated, smart framework implies that your business is legitimate and well represented. Accordingly, you can provide Health Canada and the authorities with all the information they require, without the requirement for pointless concerns.

Shielding your clients against contaminated items is vital to any legitimate cannabis business and a seed-to-sale software proven in doing so. Also, you can undoubtedly furnish administrative organizations with all the vital reports to adhere to cannabis compliance. To learn more about regulatory compliance needed for the Canadian Cannabis Industry please visit Cannabis Career Training for up and coming workshops.

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