How to Increase Dispensary Sales

How are cannabis purchasers discovering dispensaries?

Your dispensary only launches once. The end goal is to get as much traffic and increase dispensary sales as best you can for the least amount of money. Building up a positive brand while retaining and attracting new customers is the key to success.

Without having to pay for a  seasoned marketer, there are a number of things that you can as a business owner to get traffic.The most important things you should do as an established business to keep the momentum going.

With cannabis being legal just around the horizon more and more entrepreneurs and large corporations are trying to capitalize. As a business owner, you need to market in a way that makes you stand out from the crowd. We have listed some examples as to how this can be accomplished.

Online Paid Advertising

Most businesses are utilizing the web to increase dispensary sales. It has been proven that more and more consumers are finding their dispensaries through the web. Building a web presence is an absolute necessity.

First and foremost our site ought to stay updated and incorporate data encompassing your items. Customers frequently search through dispensaries such as particular items this could include gummies, sodas, sprays etc and obviously cannabis strains. Integration such Mailchip, Woocommerce, Google Maps, Shopify, and SumoMe can be utilized to help enrich the user interface and offer a very informative website.

Informal Referrals

Referrals have been driving sales since the stone ages, people are rushing to dispensaries because of verbal referrals from friends, families or those they trust. Business referrals from word of mouth marketing are effective and cost-efficient. All you really need to create a steady stream of referrals is ensure that at the end the day you have happy customers laving your dispensary who feel compelled to share their experience with others.

Retail facade Advertising

The look and feel of your dispensary retail facade’s appearances are imperative to its success. Ensure that your business name is shown vividly by passerby uses  (drivers ought to have the capacity to see your sign).

Make sure to put resources into the location of your property before signing a lease, ensuring that it is at the location where it will get noticed. In a perfect world, you should rent a property that is situated on a road corner; you’ll have to invest money in the store exterior and interior layout promoting your space to bystanders. Find out more about The importance of dispensary design and ambiance.

Online networking

Online networking influences 12 percent of dispensary demographic some online social networking apps, like Facebook, Yelp, Weedmaps, Instagram etc let cannabis dispensaries show a business profile. A strong social networking account will enhance the permeability of a dispensary,  that can intern convey new customers to your shop and increase dispensary sales.

Depending on the social media app you can post pictures of your business, events, forthcoming occasions, products and so on. Not to mention REVIEWS! they play a huge part in driving traffic and building up a positive reputation.

Magazines and Newspaper

While it’s now 2018 magazine and daily paper publicizing might be close to the end for the best promoting stages for dispensaries.

Magazines and daily paper ads impact a further 11 percent of cannabis purchasers (the article doesn’t separate these two media groups). Traditional marketing can be an effective way to build your brand although it may not be best for your ROI. A notice in High Times, GrowMag or Cannabis Now, may convey more customers to your doorsteps.


The legalization has given rise to a new tourism industry that being cannabis tourism. Colorado, for example, has set all-time records for tourism and spending in back in 2015, according to a July tourism study commissioned by the state. Twenty-three percent of those surveyed said the availability of marijuana positively influenced their decision to visit.

For the individuals who don’t have a clue, cannabis tourism is only that, tourism; it embodies tourism administrations gave to those keen on cannabis.

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