cannabis drone delivery

Cannabis Drone Delivery

Both the Canadain & United States Bureau of Cannabis Control says that cannabis and cannabis products are not to be delivered by “watercraft, aircraft, trains, drones, bike courier, or unmanned vehicles.

The news is disappointing to drone delivery startups like The Fleat who plan on offering the service with now due to the legalization of Canadian cannabis. Atleats until more favorable regulations come into play with time.

As consumers and lawmakers begin to see eye-to-eye on several issues within the cannabis industry including delivery, we can expect more le way for adult-use and medical marijuana in the future. There are even companies that are looking to develop smartphone applications to turn weed delivery like Skip The Dishes.

The unmanned aerial vehicles will provide on-demand cannabis to medical marijuana patients across most of Canada in anticipation of recreational use in 2018.

The company offers a monthly subscription for Dispensaries and producers to buy tailored delivery drone and purchase flight time where all drone is operated by certified pilots in a central location.

Cannabis drone delivery specifically is not strictly illegal in the United States, but other regulations such as restrictions on flight beyond visual line of sight and flight over people have made it impracticable except on FAA test sites.

Cannabis drone delivery services will also depend on the licenses of each dispensary. Some dispensaries may utilize the services the third-party services to deliver their products but again it will depend on the type of license they have. As of today, dispensaries will continue to legally sell marijuana to the consumer’s hand to hand.

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