High Turnover For The Cannabis Industry

The newly legalized marijuana trade is attracting industry hopefuls nationwide with great expectations for working in this booming industry.

If federal legalization takes place, U.S. retail marijuana sales revenues could reach $35 billion by 2020. Canada’s legal cannabis market is said to generate approximately $6.5 billion by 2020.

Colorado, being the first to legalize cannabis for both medical & recreational use created in and around 16,000 jobs in 2014, as per Colorado’s Marijuana Enforcement Division. This just goes to show how many jobs are going to be available in the near future across Canada & the United States.

While numerous candidates are growing anxious for new opportunities or to offer a specific aptitude, similar aspects of the business that draw in quality workers are similar that the individuals who are eventually an awful fit and lose organizations’ cash through time spent in enrollment and preparing endeavors.

Cannabis staffing offices much like our own sort through the growing applicant pool, frequently sparing organizations both time and money.

Why The High Turnover Rate?

Cultivators, trimmers, budtenders, and retail dispensary positions are as of now among the most in demand. However, the turnover rate is high. “Staffing offices help bring down that since we discover individuals who need work in the business and need to remain in it for the whole deal.

A significant part of the high cannabis employee turnover can be ascribed to the business is so new, and the two organizations and representatives are adjusting to an “expectation to learn and adapt to organization culture and work law.

Organizations are finding out that some of the new workers are not as confident in their skills as they once thought.

Frequently the individuals who are anxious to work with cannabis plants think little of the hard physical work engaged with cultivation. “They have a misinterpretation of what the activity will involve. It’s frequently simpler and more financially savvy for organizations to outsource the enrolling procedure

How We Help

As enthusiasm for the area keeps on developing, our cannabis staffing organization is finding skilled and qualified candidates who fit the way of life of the business rapidly and effectively, frequently sparing organizations the time and cash that would have been spent dealing with this many applications.