Could Craft Cannabis Be The New Craft Beer?

The craft beer industry within the United States alone was worth approximately $25 billion last year alone. Oregon, Colorado, and down the west shoreline of Canada are a few precedents with a developing craft cannabis business.

There’s an art to being a premium cannabis cultivator, just as theres an art to being a premium craft brewer. Gram for gram, there are generous differences between a nug of cannabis grown in a facity who is yielding under 200 square meters of growing space versus a large-scale commercial industry cultivator.


Large-scale producers don’t have to teach the general population about what their product implies – the image is completely clear for the purchasers who matter because the brand already has recognition from being in the news as legalization came into play at least within Canada.

As indicated by the latest statistics, the average cannabis purchaser pays around $7 per gram in Canada. With recreational cannabis, premium strains are less clear, shoppers will pay up to $15 per gram for premium grown strains.

Informed customers within the current landscape of the liquor business, is likewise ready to pay more for bold flavors, smells, and conceivable health advantages. A smoother smoke, fascinating cannabinoid profile, or novel terpene blends wouldn’t originate from huge scale mechanical tasks concentrated on amount of backbone strains. Or maybe, these investigations will begin with the smaller scale cultivator.


In Canada, cultivators are confronting more market difficulties than their microbrewery partners. The control of recreational product design and marking are so much different when contrasted with the lager and wine industry. Consumers overwhelmingly choose their alcoholic beverages dependent on marketing and brand awareness. Be that as it may, in Canada, there is no flexibility when it comes to marketing cannabis.

Brand acknowledgment in Canada will be a hard-won fight for folks in the craft cannabis business.

Another issue is the licensing procedure in Canada for ‘micro cultivators’. The Micro Cultivation License, which is presently accessible, giving recompenses for producers with under 200 square meters of grow room. Previously, each and every producer in Canada needed to round out a similar application, with the equivalent permitting charges, as the Aurora’s of the world.

As we head towards the end of 2018, the legalization of recreational marijuana came excessively late for ‘ micro cultivators ‘ to get in on an early piece of the pie. Given time, a touch of promoting resourcefulness, and the basic buyer interest for premium grown cannabis, the specialty cultivators of the world will probably discover approaches to make their voice, and brand, known the nation over.

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