Ontario Cannabis Retail Lottery Winners

Ontario Cannabis Retail Lottery Winners

The Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario has released the list of names of 25 of the cannabis retail lottery winners held to determine who may apply for the province’s first cannabis retail licenses.

The province has caped a limit on the number of retail stores to 25 due to a shortage of cannabis. Politicians decided a couple of weeks ago that a lottery was the fairest way to choose who could first apply for the licenses.

Among the 25 winners across Ontario selected from 17,000 applicants, 19 are individual names, including all five winners in the Toronto region.

The AGCO ( Alchohol Gaming Commision of Ontario ) states that 64% of the 16,905 lottery applicants had been sole proprietors, while 33% were corporations, 3% were partnerships and 1% were limited partnerships.

Winners of the lottery still must pass the AGCO licensing screening, which includes checks for criminal background, connections to organized crime and finances. Winners must also post $50,000 lines of credit that will be drawn down if they don’t open their shops on time by April 1. There is also a $6,000 non-refundable fee for an operator’s license, plus $4,000 for the store license.

While the first 25 shops will benefit from less competition, eventually the retail cannabis marketing throughout Ontario and Canada will be a competitive one, minimizing profit margins when compared to other sectors of the cannabis industry.

At this moment in time stores are allowed to set whatever prices they choose on a product, but they have to compete with both the online government ( OCS ) and the vast black-market retailers. Cannabis retailers must also buy their product from the Ontario Cannabis Store, which is the ‘wholesaler’. It’s not known what markup the OCS will charge to retailers.

Ontario’s first private cannabis stores are expected to open April 1.

Until then, recreational cannabis can only be legally sold through the province’s government-operated website.

Results by Region

North Region of Ontario

Anton Lucic 428024
Saturninus Partners 423124

East Region of Ontario

Daniel Telio 428720
Brandon long 427764
Patterson and Lavoie 413159
Karan Someshwar 419068

West Region of Ontario

Steven Fry 408185
Lisa A Bigioni 412975
Ranjit basra 428461
2674253 Ontario Inc. 405886
Santino J Coppolino 411369
Christopher Comrie 425836
The Niagara Herbalist 399235

GTA Region of Ontario

Guruveer Singh Sangha 421776
David Nguyen 423565
Tripsetter Inc. 427833
Alexander Altman 414725
Gary Hatt 416473

Toronto Region of Ontario

Heather Conlon 398788
Colin Campbell 399836
Dana Michele Kendal 408389
Hunny Gawri 423754