Becoming a Licensed Commercial Producer

Cannabis Consulting assists your business in acquiring a license issued by Health Canada for the cultivation of medical marijuana. The seven-stage application process is not a small task but we act on behalf of your company with Health Canada for your application every step of the way.

For businesses to cultivate, extract, experiment, and sell cannabis in Canada.

Getting a license for a marijuana cultivation business is one of the most difficult early steps in doing business in the evolving cannabis industry. The biggest issue is understanding the complex, and often confusing, rule-making of a state licensing board that is unfamiliar with the industry. We stay ontop of industry trends so you dont have too.
Commercial Cultivation Licensing (LP)
There is only one option on how to become a licensed marijuana grower and how to get a license to sell medical marijuana in Canada, that is that you must obtain a license that of which is only issued by Health Canada. The focus is really on the completeness of the application as that’s what cultivation license is based upon. Our services are for those who are already in the cannabis industry and those who are looking to be apart of it. Please contact our team for more information. Due to Health Canada’s limited examinations, they are more concern with reviewing larger companies authorizing bigger operations 10,000 sqft +. Likewise take note of that an organization can apply for a cannabis reseller license meaning they are not required to cultivating their own particular plants, they are nearly a distributer of someone else’s product.

There are many steps to becoming a licensed marijuana grower and it is a strict process, some of these needing to be completed in order to be a successful candidate are: