Receive Fully Qualified, Pre Screened Candidates

Our cannabis staffing solutions are an unparalleled resource for business operating within the Canadian cannabis industry. Whether you are a business looking to source talented experts for fulltime positions or for brief temporary positions. We can fill future roles, or thoroughly headhunt talent for your next hire.

Our services


We learn about your priorities, process and communication preferences to shape our work together.


We source elite candidates with the background, skills, and personality to quickly add value to your company.


We screen candidate’s skills, experience, and ambitions through expert, in-person interviews, and testing.


We deliver highly-vetted candidates and work closely during the interview process to secure the right candidate.

Why Choose Us?
Cannabis Staffing

Our team knows that putting together a reliable workforce can be a daunting task in today ’s growing cannabis industry. Let us take the time to acquire the talent needed to help your business, small or large. Long-term placements, temp workers, recruitment, and temp to hire are just a few of the ways we can help your business succeed.

  • Large Network
  • Reduced Risk
  • Added Flexibility
  • Expertise
  • Pre Screened
  • Reduced Cost

The Variety Of Cannabis Jobs We Fill

When you band together with Cannabis Consulting, the advantage from working with our exceedingly particular selection of representatives in Canada, who are readied and ready to address your particular cannabis staffing needs.

• Grow consultants
• Irrigation
• Edible production
• Infusion specialists
• Retail sales
• IT solutions

• Budtenders
• Security
• Trimmers
• Janitorial
• Payroll
• Armored transport

• Compliance specialists
• Web design
• Special events
• Training
• Seminars
• Marketing

We locate the only the best applicants and screen them thoroughly to ensure they’re appropriate for the occupation. When you require individuals, we strive to coordinate you with simply the correct hopeful.